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Vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, tidying, and mopping are just a few of the chores the Dubai cleaners will handle. Even the dishes and washing will be done by them. We’ll also sanitize the bathrooms, interior windows, and refrigerator. The sub-floor and ceiling voids, floor surfaces, interior and exterior equipment rack surfaces, Ventilation and CCU system components, and other surfaces are all cleaned as part of H&G’s thorough approach to data center cleaning services. You can also go for house cleaning service.

It will take more time to clean a larger house. It usually takes at least two hours to finish a studio or small one-bedroom apartment if you hire a regular house cleaning service. A standard or sizable one-bedroom apartment should take three hours to complete, while a two-bedroom apartment should take about four hours. This is because larger homes can generally add an hour for each additional room. Basic cleaning, tidying, vacuuming, and dusting are included in these estimates. It might take longer for extra chores, like cleaning interior windows. For a thorough deep clean, the cleaners would need about a half-day for smaller studios and apartments, a full day for larger apartments and houses, and two days overall.

Size Of Your House

The size of your home is the largest cost factor when it comes to home cleaning, deep cleaning, and sanitization services; the larger your home, the more staff and time will be required to clean it. For instance, deep cleaning services in Dubai send two cleaners to smaller studios and apartments while sending three to four cleaners to larger apartments and houses.

Number Of Hours

The hourly rate will be lower in Dubai if you hire a general home cleaning service for longer than two hours. Therefore, a four-hour or longer session only costs AED 35 per hour, compared to a two-hour home cleaning session’s AED 50 per hour.


If you want the cleaners to bring materials as well, you’ll have to pay an extra fee of about AED 10 when you schedule a general home cleaning service. The cost of deep cleaning services, on the other hand, covers all supplies and machinery.

Cost Of home Cleaning

It involves routine chores like cleaning, mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, and dusting as well as laundry and dishwashing. Even your refrigerators, counters, interior windows, and restrooms will be cleaned by the experts.

The length of the cleaning session determines the hourly price for scheduling house cleaning services. For two hours, it will cost AED 50, for three, AED 40, and for four hours or more, just AED 35 will be charged per hour. Tax is not included in these prices. There will be an additional AED 10 per hour charge if you require them to supply cleaning supplies.

Deep Cleansing

If you use a deep cleaning service, as the term suggests, the cleaning crew will go above and beyond to leave your house spotless. They’ll take care of everything, from wiping down and dusting the inside of cabinets to cleaning and scrubbing restroom fixtures. All surfaces and furnishings will be cleaned of stains as well.

Cleaning And Sanitation

There has never been a more crucial time to keep your house tidy and sanitary. After it has been meticulously cleaned, your house will be disinfected. Disinfectants will be used to clean frequently touched surfaces like stairs and doorknobs. Additionally, curtains, carpets, mattresses, and furniture will be sanitized using a powerful steamer. We use sanitizing agents that are secure and endorsed by the government.

Carpet Cleaning

carpets are susceptible to collecting a lot of dust, dirt, and even difficult stains, particularly in the areas we use the most. For about AED 15 per square meter or AED 25 per square meter, you can choose to have your carpet steam cleaned to maintain it in good condition. The starting price for both cleaning services is usually AED 150.

Window Cleaning

Only homes and townhouses are eligible for this service. When you schedule a window cleaning service for your house, high-pressure brushes will be used to clean all of the windows on the inside and outside. A 3-bedroom house costs AED 299, a 4-bedroom house costs AED 399, and a 5-bedroom house costs AED 499.

Kitchen Cleaning

Everyone who has ever attempted cleaning their kitchens will find this to be the most difficult step. You attempt to completely clean your kitchen, but you still encounter issues like dusty shelves and oily surfaces on the oven. Although it is much more thorough, professional home cleaning. Cleaning specialists will clean all the appliances, They will also scrub cabinets and countertops. Along with removing the kitchen hood, they will also sanitize everything that is required.

Bathroom cleaning Since bathrooms can become filthy very rapidly, many people detest cleaning them. When you get home from work, you most likely won’t have time to thoroughly clean your restroom. Then just let us know, and we’ll send the finest experts your way. Cleaning the bathroom involves wiping down the mats, cleaning the sinks and bathtubs, and getting rid of any waste. Bathrooms require a professional cleaning service because dirty toilets are unsightly and dangerous to your health.

Benefits Of Home Cleaning

To keep the household environment healthy, deep cleaning is a must. Cleanpro has always given customers advice on the significance of performing periodic deep cleanings of the domestic space. Deep cleansing your house has the following advantages:

removing pathogens and antigens from the dwelling area removing odors

Get clear of cobwebs

Clean up the grime and dust that has gathered in the crevices.

ensure a healthful environment for living

Avoid the chance of a pest infestation

Wrapping Up

Every home has distinct needs, so house cleaning costs can differ from one to the next. It may also change if you select extra services like deep washing or disinfection. These tips will definitely help you to know the cost and services of house cleaning. You can also go for maid service in dubai.

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