MMR vaccine injury

MMR vaccine, or the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccination, has been administered to almost every state citizen since 1971. It has become almost a mandate for all to receive this MMR vaccine. Vaccination is one of the vital public health drives undertaken by the government. The MMR vaccine is super efficient and has helped save millions of lives. Before its discovery, more than 4 million people died of the disease, which was fatal. Mumps, Measles and Rubella are common diseases encountered in childhood. Now, with the advent of this vaccine, most vaccinated children are protected against the disease. Like most other vaccines, the MMR vaccine also poses specific side effects, ranging from mild to moderate and sometimes severe. Sometimes, this vaccine’s fatal and unprecedented effects may also cause permanent MMR vaccine injury among children. 

Common MMR Vaccine Side Effects

People may experience varied degrees of side effects after their MMR vaccine shot. Most of the side effects are generalised, and they are never severe enough that they might need hospitalization. Usually, with some care and a few common medicines like paracetamol, it is easy to eliminate them. The common side effects start disappearing within 48 hours of vaccination. These are:

Swelling in the arm and excess pain at the site of vaccination. This is often called arm burning and may get severe at times.

Rashes and mild allergy. This one is also too common a symptom of the MMR vaccine. The extent may be slightly elevated for children predisposed to severe allergies. Asthma though moderate, may develop.

Every one out of three persons administered with an MMR vaccine experience moderate to high fever in the first 24 to 48 hours. The fever usually subsides by itself but may bring some other issues. The best way to deal with the fever from MMR vaccines is paracetamol. Take one or two paracetamol doses to fight the fever.

Body aches and nausea are common symptoms, for which a dose or two of Ibuprofen may be sufficient. For children, connect with the physician before you decide on the medicine or the doses. 

Severe MMR Vaccine Side Effects 

There are severe adverse effects of the MMR vaccine. These side effects can be much more intriguing and painful than common ones. Here are some of the severe effects of the MMR vaccine. The idea is to stay aware of them and immediately connect with the doctor should you observe this among vaccine recipients. 

Pain, Stiffness and Numbness of the Arms: Moderate level of arm burning is quite common for most vaccines. The MMR vaccine may cause paralysis of the arms in severe cases.

Other common side effects of MMR vaccines are jerking and seizures due to damaged nerves. The extreme fever may lead to jerking off, seizures and other neurological problems among vaccine recipients.

MMR vaccination might temporarily bring down the platelet count drastically. This sets in a a kind of bleeding disorder. It is a rare case ( 1 in every 30k cases), but it could happen and also aggravate severe allergic reactions.

Some kids also suffer from deafness and permanent brain damage due to MMR vaccines. 

What to Do With Severe MMR Vaccine Side Effects?

Sometimes, permanent damage from MMR vaccine injury can be prevented if you can contact the physician on time. It is mainly delayed treatments that cause the spite. If you see any child undergoing a severe MMR vaccine injury and that they cannot tolerate it and things are getting horrible, you must immediately call 911 for emergencies. The CDC even recommends filing an instant report with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting. The doctors can be reached through the VAERS website. In this case, you will also receive practical, urgent help from the government to help improve the medical conditions of the affected. 

Legally Approved Compensation for the MMR Vaccine Injury

If your children or any acquaintance suffers from the MMR vaccine injury, you must file a claim or a petition under the realms of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. This is an exclusive legal program by the government, where the state compensates for the injuries suffered due to any publicly administered vaccination. You must connect with the reputed vaccine injury attorney who can help you file the case and get along with it in due course. The lawyer will help you file a lawsuit and negotiate to settle the best claims. The best part is that you don’t even have to pay the lawyer’s fees because that would be covered by the compensation received by the state. Many legal firms offer this service, and some even offer free no obligation consultation. The concepts of vaccine injury compensation programs are vast and are truly helpful for ordinary citizens. A helpful and professionally experienced lawyer can benefit you maximally from this program. 

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