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Choosing the right and effective channel manager is an important decision for any hotel or even vacation rental business. A channel manager is somewhat a software tool that enables you to manage your room inventory and even rates throughout manifold online travel agencies (OTAs) and booking channels. With so many different channel managers available in the market, it can really be overwhelming to pick the right one.  certainly, if you want to use the best channel manager, you have to be sure that you do your research well.

Well, this post is going to share with you some powerful tips to help you pick the right channel manager for your hotel. Once you know what you should look for and what is there you cannot simply afford to miss, you would make a perfect choice.

What really is a channel manager?

You know a channel manager is a simple yet robust type of piece of hotel technology that increases occupancy, saves time, boosts your direct bookings and maximizes online sales. It permits for a hotel to expand its reach and online bookings, as well as more easily manage its overall rates, availability, and even reservations.With a good and effective channel manager, hotels can connect to hundreds and even more of online distribution channels in real-time. This is something that permits the hotel to boost visibility (and ultimately reservations) with nearly no risk of being overbooked.  Channel managers can connect to any of the below given:

  • Direct: this is something that is through your hotel website and booking engine
  • Vacation rental platforms
  • Online travel agencies (OTAs), also any sort of metasearch channel that has direct booking functionality
  • Brick and mortar travel agencies: yes, channel managers enables you to sell inventory via GDS
  • Real-Time Connectivity and even Pooled Inventory

The point is channel manager can do much for your hotel and you should not miss out on a good, effective and professional one. Of course, since you have an idea about what really it is, have a look at other points.

Assess your overall needs

Before you even begin to look for a channel manager, you require to assess your business needs. Decide the number of rooms you have, the number of channels you really wish to have , distribute your inventory on, and even the features you need. Look at your present booking channels and see which ones are producing the most bookings. Consider the types of guests you attract and even the kinds of channels they make use of two book.

Look for overall integration

Your channel manager should be in a position to integrate with your property management system (PMS). This is going to help you manage your inventory and rates in real-time, avoid double sort of bookings, and even automate your operations. Check if the channel manager integrates well with your PMS, and if not, consider switching to a proper PMS that is compatible with the channel manager. The thing is you cannot simply miss out on the proper integration.

Check for overall compatibility

Diverse types of channel managers have different integrations with OTAs and other sort of booking channels. Ensure that the channel manager you pick supports the channels you want to distribute your inventory on. Similarly, check in case the channel manager has an API (Application Programming Interface) that simply can get used to integrate with new channels in the future. You cannot simply miss out on the overall compatibility.

Evaluate the General pricing

Pricing is a critical consideration when choosing a channel manager. Some channel managers simply charge a fixed monthly fee, while others are there who charge a commission on bookings. Compare pricing structures and even calculate the cost of using the channel manager over a year. Consider the overall value you will get from the channel manager, such as increased bookings, even automation, and time-saving features, to decide if it is worth the cost. The point is you have to negotiate well for the pricing. you cannot take a chance when deciding about a booking expert channelmanager.

Search out for user-friendly interface

Your channel manager should be absolutely easy to use, with a user-friendly interface. Look for a channel manager having a dashboard that provides a clear overview of your inventory, rates, and even bookings throughout all channels. The dashboard should be easy to navigate and even permit you to make changes swiftly.

Check customer support

Great customer support is essential when making use of a channel manager. Ensure that the channel manager provides reliable as well as responsive support. Look for a channel manager that offers you a range of support options, such as email, even phone, and chat support. Find out if the support is available 24/7 or even just during business hours. If the support is good, it could be a nice option to choose. But if you have any doubts or red flags related to customer support, don’t go-ahead with the specific channel manager.

Read the overall reviews and ask for references

Research is absolutely critical when choosing a channel manager. Look for reviews from other sort of hoteliers and vacation rental managers who have used the channel manager. Simply ask for references from the channel manager and talk to other users related to their experience. such a thing will give you a better understanding of the strengths and even weaknesses of the channel manager and help you make an informed sort of decision.


To sum up, choosing the right type of channel manager like Aiosell is a critical decision that can impact your business significantly. Take the proper time to assess your needs, evaluate pricing, even check for compatibility, and look for user-friendly interface and dependable customer support. Research and read reviews, and ask for overall references to get a better understanding of the channel manager’s strengths and even weaknesses. By following such types of tips, you can select the finest possible manager for your business and even optimize your bookings and revenue.

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