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Laundromat owners understand the plight of developing an effective laundromat marketing strategy that can grow their customer base. With so many platforms and possible strategies to implement, it’s difficult to know where you can start.

You can always hire a laundromat digital marketing agency like Spynr, but if you’re on a budget, there are affordable yet effective plans you can try. Read on to find out what they are!

1. Create a Unique Guide

Uniqueness can make any business stand out, which is important in today’s noisy online world. You might think you’ve seen everything done already, but you’ll be surprised that there are still many awesome ideas that can engage and attract new and old traffic.

One of the marketing tactics you can do is to create a guide related to your business. For example, have you seen a complete and proper guide about maintaining and organizing socks? Maybe not, which is why it’s time you make it to share with your audience!

You aren’t only limited to socks, but you can also brainstorm and use other novel ideas to attract and engage more customers in your area. Other ideas include how to care for your hats and shoes, how to purchase and store linens, a guide to upcycling clothes, first-timer laundromat tips, and many more!

2. Build More Buzz

What can help people act quickly? Urgency! If customers fear missing out on a deal, they’ll be more likely to visit your laundromat and avail of your products and services. This is especially for customers who have let their laundry pile up for quite some time now!

How do you build a positive buzz in your community and target audience? You have to make your promotion worth their time, effort, and money. Sweeten the pot and don’t be stingy, but also don’t be too generous that you end up losing money for it!

Some ideas to help get customers into your doors are:

  • First 50 customers receive free items or discounts
  • The first customer that brings in the most laundry can receive a free wash
  • Flash sales
  • Social media contests
  • Exclusive promos for returning customers who have subscribed to your email newsletter
  • Loyalty cards
  • Referral bonuses or discounts

3. Gain Partners

Partnering up is an excellent way to help spread the word about your business. It opens up new opportunities for both you and your partnered brand! Start by working within your community to gain name and brand recognition. Here are some good ideas to start:

  • Team up with local high school sports games
  • Sponsor an event where you can get free advertising and a chance to give participants discounts
  • Host a free laundry day in the community, partnering with a charitable organization

Other than partnering with businesses and organizations, you can also become more active in your community by hosting charity fundraisers, creating fun celebrations related to the laundry industry, and more.

Wrapping It Up

Consider following any of these marketing tactics and measure your success!

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