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When one plans for an international vacation, especially for the first time, everyday activities include shopping, packing, unpacking, repacking, marking the calendar, and keeping track of the days. In all the excitement, people frequently need to remember to purchase travel insurance for their trips abroad. As a result, one of your trip’s most significant purchases is made in a hurry at the last minute.

A travel insurance online policy’s exclusions are just as significant as its coverages. Therefore, make sure you fully understand the policy’s exclusions when purchasing trip insurance for travel abroad. A travel insurance premium calculator is an easy-to-use tool to determine the amount of premium you would need to pay.*

Check out these five crucial details from your travel insurance abroad policy’s fine print:

What Excess Do You Have?

The excess is the amount you would be responsible for paying out of pocket if you had to file a claim while on your insured trip. For instance, if your excess is Rs. 2500 and you submit a claim for Rs. 5000, your travel insurance provider will only pay the first Rs. 2500; the remaining money will have to be paid by you. Even though it may seem straightforward, some businesses may attach clauses to the excess amount. It is crucial to understand this when creating your policy.

Existing Illnesses

Before purchasing a travel insurance online policy for an overseas trip, disclose any medical conditions you may have been diagnosed with or are currently experiencing. If you don’t, you risk denying your claim when you most need it.

Suppose you didn’t disclose your pre-existing medical conditions when purchasing the policy. In that case, your travel insurance provider may deny your claim if you experience a health issue related to them while on your trip.

When Did Your Policy Begin?

Instead of the first day of your vacation, your policy should begin when you embark on your journey. People frequently conflate the policy’s start date with the first day of their vacation. If the policyholder is forced to cancel the trip, the travel insurance provider may deny his claim for trip cancellation costs by arguing that the policy’s coverage hasn’t yet begun. *

Do You Have Protection From Risky Activities?

Typically, risk coverage for adventurous or athletic activities is provided by something other thaninternational travel insurance. Even if they do, the same is subject to specific clauses. Therefore, if participating in any sporting activity is on your vacation’s “to-do list,” talk to your travel insurance provider when purchasing the policy to have it covered.*

Don’t Be Careless With Loss Or Theft

When you know a personal item or your passport has been lost or stolen, file a police report and alert your insurance company. You risk losing your right to make a trip insurance claim abroad if you don’t do it within a specific time frame. Additionally, even if you promise to act quickly in the event of a theft or loss of your property, your travel insurance provider may deny your claim if the circumstances result from negligence.*

*Standard T&C Apply

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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