Industrial Digital Marketing is advertising on the web, isn’t it?

Industrial Digital Marketing Stop Sign No, not exclusively. Advertising can boost the traffic of a website or mobile . But this traffic is therefore very much linked to your financial capacity. In addition, advertising is a marketing tool for redirecting the flow of web visitors. It will not make your site an interesting site to visit. It is on the content that you must first direct your efforts. Once you have good blog posts and other interesting content, you can consider investing in advertising.

It is not possible to sell my products on the Internet

Industrial Digital Marketing Stop Sign eBay has sold Ferraris on its site, miragemachines.com sells oil drilling equipment through its site, Dassault Système captures prospects through its site. Why couldn’t you achieve this? Industrial marketing is within the reach of all companies, whether they are SMIs or ETIs. As long as the sales cycle is long and the product relatively expensive , Inbound Marketing techniques make it possible to initiate the buying process on the web. And it’s profitable! It is clear that the commercial team is necessary to conclude the contracts at the end of the process. But your website can initiate and accompany the prospect until the conclusion of the deals.

I have to redo my website before working on my online presence!

Industrial Digital Marketing Stop Sign Not necessarily. Redesigning a website can be expensive and relatively time-consuming. If your website is correct, all you have to do is feed it with content and set up lead capture tools to take advantage of this showcase. Once you understand and see the benefits of industrial digital marketing , you may eventually consider a redesign. Don’t forget that your site only lives if it is fed and refreshed regularly. A site redesign without regularly adding content will not guarantee you to appear better in Google search results (and therefore to have better visibility).

I don’t really need a website because it’s my sales people who sell directly to industrial buyers

Industrial Digital Marketing Stop Sign Your sales team puts a lot of effort into finding, educating, and closing deals with new prospects. They do a lot of traveling and a lot of meetings (sometimes unprofitable). They often repeat the same (basic) things to your prospects. The pattern for making contact with a new prospect is often the same: usual greeting, banal introductory conversation, presentation of the company, presentation of the company’s products/services/solutions, etc.

Much of this process can be partially delegated to your website . Redundant and non-strategic information must be present on your website because your interlocutor (the industrial buyer ) will have already done a little audit of who you are and what you do. The more he knows about you at this point, the less time you’ll spend explaining who you are. So you can focus on the essentials: what is your prospect’s problem and how can your company solve it?

digital passengers green industrial marketing response Yes, an eCommerce site to sell machine tools at €100,000 is not necessarily suitable. But your website and digital marketing are not only used to promote eCommerce sites. There are real  B2B digital marketing strategies adapted to long sales cycles . The sale will probably not end on your website. It will obviously be the salesperson who will conclude it. But the sales process will certainly have started earlier on the web. And you will be able to collect a lot of information about your prospect, his needs and his commitment to your business thanks to B2B digital marketing techniques. Know how to take advantage of a CRM , use tracked emails wisely , measure visitsand the revisits of a prospect on your website, will allow your sales representatives to identify the right customer opportunities . It’s up to them to conclude the sales process in style!

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